A Skin Clinic for the whole family

Concerned about your skin? Whether medical or cosmetic, if you have problems or questions that need addressing, come for a chat with our Specialist Dermatologist in our friendly boutique clinic in London. Happy, healthy, beautiful skin - that's us.

Medical Dermatology

As a General Dermatology clinic for all ages and sexes, we address the entire spectrum of skin conditions, from breakouts and acne, to mole checks and skin cancer screening.

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Aesthetic Dermatology

We can also enhance your skin's appearance significantly with non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Now you can enjoy the confidence that beautiful skin inspires.

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Skincare Products

Good quality skincare is extremely important, yet so many products fail to deliver. Change the future of your skin by finding out which products will really work for you.

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Dermatology Grade Facial ™

Great for men & women with problem skin, or simply to keep your skin looking young and beautiful. Invaluable also for breakouts & acne, including teenagers!

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Why Choose Us

We offer a personal and accessible private skin clinic, based upon the strong tradition of Dermatology in Continental Europe. We appreciate the importance of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of troubled skin, while embracing the highest standards and most recent scientific advances in our daily clinical practice.

As on the Continent, Cosmetic Dermatology forms a vital part of our work. So whether your concern is cosmetic or medical, you only need to visit one clinic. Regular appointments with a Dermatologist should be part of everyone's healthy maintenance programme.

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Acne - Not Just A Teenage Problem

Acne Report Acne is treatable yet many people continue to suffer unnecessarily. Find out about Acne and how to get rid of it in this free E-Book.

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Dr Stefanie's Anti-Stress Kit

Skin Care Report Learn which skin care "facts" are hype and which you should take seriously in our complimentary fact-packed Skin Care booklet.

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The Truth About Sun Protection

Sun Protection Report The sun can age our skin more than anything else, even on cloudy days. Find out how to protect yourself in this free report.

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