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Daiva Jonaitiene,
Medical Aesthetician

daivaWhen you meet Daiva, one of the things that strikes you is her caring and relaxed manner as well as her passion for skincare and everything skin health related. Daiva’s combination of personal and professional qualities makes her the ideal medical aesthetician and on first meeting her, we knew we had to hire her on the spot!

Since starting at Eudelo, we have never had so many positive comments about someone from people who have previously worked with her in the industry. So we are extremely pleased to have her with us now. And so are our patients. Daiva has quickly developed a loyal ‘fan base’ who enjoy their hour of ‘Me Time’ with Daiva, and love her treatments as they achieve wonderful results.

Daiva offers all of our Medical Facials as well as regenerative, bio-stimulating procedures such as advanced Growth Factor Needling. Try it! You will be amazed about the positive comments you will get for your skin’s healthy, fresh, rejuvenated appearance.

Originally from Lithuania, Daiva moved to London around 12 years ago, and carried out her 3 years Cosmetician training here in the UK.She is tri-lingual – speaking Lithuanian, English and Russian. Daiva lives in London with her husband and two children.

We strongly recommend that people with troubled skin should only see a specially trained Medical Aesthetician who works alongside a Dermatologist, and should avoid taking advice from regular High Street Beauty Therapists. Our Medical Aestheticians have a wealth of experience in looking after healthy skin and problematic skin conditions such as acne, rosacea (‘couperose’) and many others. Daiva is one of our specially trained Medical Aestheticians, who perform our Medical Facials, Peels and Medical Needling procedures as well as our DermaPen Infusion treatment. These treatments aim to optimise the treatment of various skin conditions and help to keep your skin looking young, healthy and beautiful. For more information on our most commonly performed Medical Facials please follow this link.

“To keep your body in good condition, join the gym – to keep your skin in immaculate condition, join our ‘Fit Skin Forever’ program.”

Dr Stefanie, MD, Dermatologist ®




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