Adding Volume & Facial Contour

While cosmetic treatments used to be all about 'chasing' lines and wrinkles, the past few years have also focused on volumising and re-contouring the face - the 'second column' of Cosmetic Dermatology. That's because an important thing that happens when we age is that our face loses volume, especially the cheeks. We also often use a very special 'magic needle' (PixL 'needle'), which is non-traumatic and slightly flexible so tends to cause less discomfort and bruising than traditional rigid needles.

There is no doubt that sculpted cheekbones and plump 'apple' cheeks, a beautifully straight nose and a firm jawline contribute to a younger, more attractive profile. If you're not naturally endowed with these features or have lost some of them with age, we can certainly give you a non-surgical helping hand with special contouring and volumising injections. Don't worry - we won't give you a 'pillow face'! Our results will look perfectly natural.

There are countless facial volumising products on the market, but we only use highest quality, sterile hyaluronic acid products. Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronate) is an important physiological substance that all skin contains naturally. Its key roles are to maintain the plumpness and moisture that help keep the skin surface smooth and lifted, but levels decline with age. Non-permanent solutions containing hyaluronic acid such as Perlane, SubQ, Belotero Intense, and Juvederm/Voluma are considered the gold standard in volumisers and have a much better safety record compared to permanent products. Designed to enhance volume and facial contours, volumisers are more robust, better-lifting versions of hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers and are injected deeper under the skin. How long the effects last depends on a variety of factors and varies from patient to patient. But nine to 12 months is the average. In time, the volumiser will be degraded by your body's own enzymes - just as happens with your natural hyaluronic acid. But if for some reason you want to speed up this process, we can inject an 'antidote' enzyme called hyaluronidase which dissolves the product completely.

You'll also be relieved to hear that we offer several forms of effective pain prevention. Many of the volumisers we use already contain a local anaesthetic, so nothing extra is needed. We also often use a very special 'magic needle', which is non-traumatic and slightly flexible so tends to cause less discomfort and bruising than traditional rigid needles. For those volumisers which don't already contain anaesthetic, we offer an effective numbing cream or even a dental block. A dental block is a local anaesthetic injected inside your mouth - similar to those at the dentist's - to completely numb certain areas of the face.

Cheek enhancements

Sadly, the fat tissue in the cheeks is among the first to go as we age. Flatter cheeks make a face look substantially older. As well as experiencing age-related changes like this, there may be some people whose cheeks have always been on the flat side and are interested in improving them.

We can now enhance your cheeks non-surgically by injecting a lifting hyaluronic acid gel directly under the fat tissue ('Y-Lift'). Dr Stefanie always aims to achieve a natural look with gently sculpted cheekbones and plump 'apple' cheeks. But she never overdoes it - you won't end up with a tell-tale 'pillow face.' The procedure is very straightforward and only involves two injections - a true 'lunch break' procedure as most people go back to their daily routine after the treatment. The results are immediately visible, but there may be swelling for a few days and occasionally some bruising.

Natural cheek contouring - £650

Improving the shape of the nose

Non-surgical nose shaping is a relatively new variation of treatment with a hyaluronic acid filler/volumiser - and it can make a huge difference to your face. Not everyone is suitable for this treatment, but if you are, it's a great alternative to a rhinoplasty (surgical 'nose job').

We can smooth prominent humps and bumps on the bridge of your nose, even out its shape or refine its profile after trauma or surgery, say. Often, your nose may even appear smaller than before treatment! As well as making your nose look straighter, we can elevate or uplift the tip if you wish. Conversely, if a prominent, upturned 'ski-slope' nose is the problem, we can make that look less obvious.

We also frequently have patients coming to see us in clinic, complaining that their noses are so flat, they can't wear glasses or sunglasses without them sliding down. With non-surgical nose shaping we can now build up flat noses, giving them a beautifully straight and even profile that supports glasses well.

The procedure can be done in less than 30 minutes - without surgery, breaking bones or painful downtime associated with rhinoplasty. In our clinic we use a product containing a local anaesthetic, so that the procedure is virtually painless for most patients.

The results are immediately visible, but you may experience mild swelling, tenderness and some bruising for a few days after the procedure. On average, the results last six to twelve months.

Flat nose with 'sliding glasses' problem before (left) and after (right) non-surgical nose shaping.

Unevenly-shaped nose with bump on the bridge and slightly prominent tip, before (left) and after (right) non-surgical nose shaping.

Non-surgical nose shaping - £780

Adding definition to the chin and jaw line

Some people are very conscious about their small or receding chin and would like a more balanced facial profile. By injecting a lifting hyaluronic acid gel into the chin area we can re-define the lower facial contours and balance your features. A chin augmentation will also often make a prominent nose seem less large. The result will be similar to a surgical chin implant, but without surgery and extremely natural-looking. We can also treat the jawline, making it appear firmer and better defined.

These non-surgical procedures are not only popular with women, but also with men who regard a prominent chin and jawline as attractively masculine.

Chin enhancement - £650

Filling deep under eye hollows

Deep, tired-looking under eye hollows ('tear troughs') can be filled nicely with a special type of hyaluronic acid filler. However, not everyone's a suitable patient, as this procedure won't deliver good results where there's swelling (oedema) or prolapsed fat present under the surface of the lower lids. In these cases only surgery will help. But if the skin in your eye hollows seems to be lying directly on the bone with hardly any fatty padding between, and dark shadows are making you look constantly tired, a hyaluronic acid filler can make a major difference.

There is also the possibility of bio-revitalisation of under eye hollows using Restylane Vital. Bio-revitalisation usually needs two or three sessions to achieve the final result. As the under eye area is extremely fragile, it's likely that you will experience some bruising and swelling after any treatment.

Deep under eye hollows with dark circles before (left) and after (right) bio-revitalisation treatment

Bio-Revitalisation / Skin Booster of under eye area (per session) - £449
Filling of under eye hollows (mild hollow) - £650
Filling of under eye hollows (substantial hollow) - £1150

Non-surgical brow lift

A non-surgical brow lift can be achieved by injecting a small dose of botulinum toxin ('Botox') into the outer third of each eyebrow. This will raise the arches by 1-2mm, giving a subtle and very natural-looking lift to the expression.

In some cases, an additional filler may be needed for optimal results and this can be injected two weeks after the botulinum toxin treatment.

Brow-lift with botulinum toxin - £290
Brow-lift with filler (one syringe) - £420

Lip shaping & 'Feather Lip Smoothie'

Before (up) and after (down) 'Feather Lip Smoothie'. The lips are deeply hydrated and look more sensual, gently rounded and younger.

With age, our lips gradually become thinner, less rounded and might develop fine vertical lines on and around them. So for a truly holistic facial rejuvenation process, we need to address this lip 'deflation'. However, we fully appreciate that most people would not want to have their lips augmented, fearing that it will be obvious to others and also painful to do. That's why we have developed the amazing 'Feather Lip Smoothie'. This treatment rejuvenates the lips by boosting hydration and adding a sensual, subtle roundness. Results will appear absolutely natural. A 'Feather Lip Smoothie' is done by injecting bio-revitalisation product Restylane Vital Light with the innovative PixL 'needle'. The new PixL 'needle' is flexible and non-traumatising, and is specially designed to reduce the side effects of filler treatments. Dr Stefanie has developed her very own signature approach which involves the use of one tiny entry point next to each corner of the mouth, inspired by the keyhole approach in surgery. Completely avoiding injections into the red of the lips will lead to much less swelling and bruising and causes very little discomfort. The 'Feather Lip Smoothie' requires one to three treatment sessions.

Your lips will look younger and more rounded. A 'Feather Lip Smoothie' helps ease 'lipstick bleed' too. However, the treatment is not only wonderful to revive ageing lips, but also an amazing 'Party boost' for younger lips!

Woman and Home magazine, who featured Dr Stefanie, wrote: "Lip smoothing is one of those 'why didn't I think of it sooner' treatments that work like a charm, and gives you a wonderfully soft and subtle effect. No trout pout, no over-fill, just young lip revival. Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams is a lip-rejuvenation pioneer."

We also offer classic lip shaping and lip enhancements with specially designed hyaluronic acid fillers. We do this procedure after completely numbing the area with a dental block - a local anaesthetic injected from inside the mouth similar to those at the dentist's, but less long-lasting. Depending on the patient, the effects last on average for around three to six months. This treatment can also be combined with a filler around the lips to soften 'lipstick bleed lines' or 'smoker's lines'.

'Feather Lip Smoothie' (per session) - £460

'Liquid Face Lift'

A 'liquid face lift' is the ultimate non-surgical rejuvenation treatment, consisting of a combination of botulinum toxin wrinkle relaxation injections ('Botox'), multi-syringe filling, facial contouring and bio-revitalisation of the skin.

'Liquid face lift' (full face wrinkle relaxation & contouring with up to 6ml HA, all done in one session) - £1950

Patient before & after fillers and wrinkle relaxation (rested facial expression)

Patient before & after fillers and wrinkle relaxation (animated facial expression)